Fri 14 Jan 2022 14:31

🏉 Junior & Youth Coaches Wanted 🏉

Coaches wanted for our junior and youth teams from U7 to U17
Our Sunday morning sessions are becoming increasingly popular~ we need you 👉🏻
Club funds your coaching courses ✅
Friendly family oriented club ✅
Privately owned grounds and clubhouse ✅

Fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to start coaching

If you are interested please send an email to

Health & Safety Officer


To make sure your club is a safe place for all members and visitors.

Key aspects of the role

  1. Implement Health & Safety policy Prepare and annually review the club’s Health & Safety policy. Ensuring the policy is enacted.
  2. Lead on Health & Safety Provide guidance for club events, identify Health & Safety training needs and ensure they are met. Manage contacts with external agencies where required. 
  3. Carryout Risk Assessments and put solutions in place Ensure risk assessments are carried out and reasonable solutions put in place to ensure the safety of members and visitors. Utilise the RFU Online Risk Assessment Tool to help assess the risks within your premises -

Is this the role for you? If you are well-informed on health and safety issues, able to assess where hazards may occur and take appropriate action to prevent or mitigate them, this could be the role for you.

If you are interested in this role or require further details, please email the Hon. Secretary at

Committee Member


To join the club committee helping to shape the future direction of the club and to assist in the governance of the club.

Key aspects of the role

  1. Attend main committee meetings and possibly join the Financial or Bar/Social Committee.
  2. Assist with the setting up and management of events as required.

Is this role for you?  If you enjoy our club and want to help ensure the continued existence and success then this is the role for you..

If you are interested in this role or require further details, please email the Hon. Secretary at