I didn't start playing rugby until I was 21 when my brother and Graham dragged me out of the pub and along to training. Since then I have never looked back.
I was proud to serve as the 2nd XV Captain in 1999 alongside my brother who was then the 1st XV Captain. In addition to playing I was also involved in coaching and developing the youth teams including my own children Taz and Louie.
In 2010 I started coaching at other Kent clubs to support my daughter who had reached the age that she could no longer train alongside her male counterparts as she pursued her rugby career. Whilst it took me away from Sheppey RFC it was worth it, as it meant that Taz is now playing top flight womens rugby and has just signed for the Worcester Warriors team (shame it's not the Quins but you can't have everything) much to my delight!
I came back to Sheppey RFC when my son reached the age that he could start to train and play for the senior squad and I am really enjoying being back in the club. I am extremely proud to play alongside my brother John and my son Louie. I am also honoured and proud that some of the children I coached all that time ago are now team mates in the Senior Squad.

This year I want to see us build as a team and continue to develop our skills and function as a successful unit. There is great camaraderie amongst the squad and we have a good social scene and I am confident that this will transfer to our on pitch performance and will hopefully lead to some successful results.
I also want to see more families at the club enjoying the facilities and spending time together in our Rugby family.