Why do we need to change

The last few years have been challenging for many grass roots sports clubs.  To help us survive, we have diversified over this period and now share our facilities with other sports, groups and activities including a Dance Group, Sunday League Football and a Judo Club.

Another major step forward for us as a club is the formation of a Lady's Rugby Team.  This is a huge development for the club and it is indeed gratifying to see how many women are getting involved in the embryonic team.

What are we aiming to achieve

Changing Rooms

Whilst it is a great step towards increased diversity at the club, it has thrown up an issue with our changing facilities that have remained unchanged since the 1980's. In order for the different groups to use the club, segregated changing facilities are needed to offer correct safeguarding.  This will mean that instead of the current communal shower and toilets, we will create 4 separated changing rooms, each with integrated facilities.

Referees Room

Often forgotten or overlooked, sports can not continue to exist without our referees.  Whilst we do currently offer our referees a room, it is basic.  The enhanced room will be larger and will also have integrated toilet and shower facilities.


The current gym has been developed with primary focus on the increase of muscle mass.  The expansion of the gym will allow us to offer an increased variety of equipment to cater for the increased variety of users. 

Treatment Room

Our current treatment room would be described by an estate agent as compact and bijou.  The increased space would allow us to provide facilities that would be suitable for the treatment of sport related injuries.


To help us and our partners there is a need for increased storage to store the equipment needed by the different groups.  Additional storage features in the plans.

How are we going to achieve this?

We will expand the width of the changing rooms by 6 metres the entire length of the current building.  This will be built while avoiding any interruption to the usage of the facilities.  A large proportion of the work will be carried out by the many skilled trades that are members of our club, with skilled tradesmen being brought in to fill the gaps.

How Soon will it happen?

It is a very ambitious and challenging timescale.  We are aiming to complete this project by the start of September to enable the Lady's team to enter competition for the 2022-23 season.

How much do we need?

Early estimates are that the project will be around £50K.  We are making applications for grants to various bodies and charitable foundations, but this will only get us part of the way.  We will need your help to get us the rest of the way.

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