Following the update yesterday evening, the club remains slumbering for the immediate future.  

Maintenance and improvement work has been undertaken by some club members, not least the patio project being led by Charlie O.  Work is prgressing well, but we still need help towards the funding target.  If you are able todonate to the project all donations big and small are extremely welcome, please go to our go fund me page by clicking the link .

With regard to the club financial position, we have mothballed as much as possible and removed costs where we can.  We have also submitted applications to the various grant schemes available with varied success.  At the moment the club is in a relatively sound financial position largely due to not having to pay out on any rent, mortgage or loan repaymnents.  The cancellation of events throughout the off-season is an unwelcome loss of income, however the safety and wellbeing of our members has to be our primary concern.

Hopefully we will be able to get together soon and enjoy our club as it should be enjoyed.

Stay safe, stay sane.