It has become apparent over the last few seasons that a number of players have been injured whilst playing the sport they love.
Off the top of my head, I could name a half a dozen from our own club, who were seriously injured, causing loss of earnings and the inability to do their chosen profession.

Its an assumption that the RFU have insurance against such occurances at club level, but as some of our players have found out, its really not the case, and that the RFU only cover severe injuries such as - loss of limbs, disablement and death, within their policies.

I have been researching player insurance for a while now, and have found a good insurer for our level of rugby.

The company is called Sportcover Direct and they specialise in extreme/contact sports, house cover and also travel insurance.

Their website can be found here:

This is a worthwhile thing to have, I myself have been covered for the past 3 years, and it worth every penny!

Why not get a quote at the link above - as I said, its very reasonable - from as little as £10 per month for basic cover.

Thanks for reading, and hope you take out the cover - I have!


(PS - Dont forget to say where you saw their service advertised - Sheppey RFC Website)