Due to increasing costs and the need for improvements to the existing clubhouse, it was decided by a vote at the AGM to increase annual membership fees from £150 pa to £180 pa for Senior playing membership. Likewise the membership fee for Youth members from 17 to 20 years of age will be £90 pa

It was also agreed to increase the VP Club membership from £120 to £150 pa. Andy Hosken, the administrator of the VP Club will arrange for these members to change their payment arrangements

These new fees are still below what any local rugby club currently charges for Adult playing membership and will ensure that Sheppey Rugby Football Club remains on a sound financial footing as we go into a season playing in the London South-East 3 League.

All members should contact Tony Southgate, the Membership Secretary with regards to paying the new fee for next season. The preferred payment method is by Standing Order, but a lump sum payment by card, cheque or cash can be made. Occasional payments by cash are NOT a preferred method of payment. You will not play for any team if no payment is made before the 1st Sept 2016

The fees for Junior membership from 5 to 16 years old remains unchanged.


Tony Southgate

Membership Secretary