I have today offered the role of Head Coach of Sheppey FC to Mr Rob Dengate who I am delighted has excepted this position, in Rob I am sure we will have a quality coach and leader. Can I through this message wish Rob every success in his new role and I am sure we will all make him welcome.

Rob who’s playing career has included Saracens, Randwick Australia, Kent, Thanet and Whitstable, he has also been Head Coach of the last 2.

A Head of PE in the day job which gives him all the skills needed to add value to Sheppey FC.

Rob over the coming weeks will be meeting all of my leadership team and setting goals and plans moving forward.

Pre season senior training will begin on the 16th July at 7.30pm ..........however hard yards can be done now!

Good luck to all the club for the 13/14 season.


Andy H