Sat 14 Dec 2019 07:31

Dear Club Members

THE RFU Lead up and Legacy plan for the 2015 World Cup contained a pledge to support the development of 5000 young volunteers in Rugby Clubs across England. In order to achieve this the RFU will work with around 1000 Rugby Clubs across the country, split into 3 phases between July 2013 and RWC 2015. In each club, 4 young people aged 16-20 (on 31st October 2013) will be identified and given the role of “Young Rugby Ambassador”

Sheppey RFC is delighted to be one of the first 250 clubs to be invited to take part in Phase One of the programme and has accepted the RFU’s invitation.

“The “Young Rugby Ambassador” programme will excite and engage young people. It is a key element of the RFU Lead Up and Legacy plan for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which contained a pledge to support the development of 5000 young volunteers in Rugby Clubs across England.” (RFU)

This is a fantastic opportunity for 4 young people, from our club, and an outline of the role expected of them can be found below. They will have the support and guidance of two club mentors and from the RFU, itself. Applicants under the age of 18 will need the full support or parents/guardians.

One of our recruits will be female and all Ambassadors must be committed to working with SRFC up until the Rugby World up 2015.

Current Adult Ambassadors for the RFU include Jonny Wilkinson, Lawrence Dallaglio and Will Greenwood.

Below is what the RFU have described the role as. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or would like to discuss further then please contact Karen Gray for more information.

Person Specification and Role
The Young Rugby Ambassador should fulfil the following criteria
• Be an active member of the Rugby Club
• Be a role model in the club for other young players and club members
• Be able to communicate effectively with young people and adults.
• Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude.
• Be aged between 16 and 20 on 31st October 2013
Essential requirements
• Ability to influence and inspire others about Rugby Union and the Rugby World Cup 2015
• Excellent communication skills with both adults and other young people.
• Ability to show initiative and take responsibility.
• Ability to portray a positive image and be a good role model to young people.
• Organised, with good time management skills.
Desirable requirements
• Contributes to the wider Rugby club community.
• Sound presentation skills.
Roles and responsibilities-
The Young Rugby Ambassadors role will focus on three key roles:
• Communicate the latest news on RWC 2015 – using resources and information provided by ER2015 and RFU. This could be through arranging and delivering a series of meetings/briefings/social evenings in their club.
• Bring alive the RFU lead up and legacy strand on cultural engagement by engaging with their local community to get local people talking about Rugby – art, photography, local history, film, music etc.
• Support the RFU lead up and legacy strand on bringing back 16-24 year old players to the game. Each ambassador will aim to bring back at least two 16-24 year olds from their community who used to play rugby and to get them playing again

Selection Criteria

• Aged between 16 and 20 years old on 31st October 2013 (born between 31/10/1997 and 1/11/1992).
• A member of the club that nominates them (on 31/10/2013).
• Committed to undertake all aspects of the YRA role between 31/10/2013 and the RWC 2015.
• Available to attend YRA conference during the week beginning 28th October 2013. Note: The YRA will be allocated to a specific conference date and venue, most will be held on 31st October 2013.
• Committed to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the values of Rugby Union and the RFU and promote the key messages of the RWC 2015.

England 2015