A number of Sheppey players showed their community spirit when a local family called for help.

On Saturday 13th August a number of Sheppey players responded to a call for help from a local family. The family had bought a new hot tub for their young daughter Ezmae, Ezmae sadly suffers from dystonia, epilepsy and also has brain damage! The hot tub is going to be used as pet of Ezmaes on-going treatment.

Captain Tom Varker; Colby Cox; Callum Hayes; Dean Eley; Matt Moore; Haoni French and Graham Kelly were on hand to lift, pull and push the hot tub from one garden, onto a flatbed Lordy and then into another garden! The lads were rewarded with a McDonald's Breakfast, perfect match day nutrition.

If you would like to follow Ezmae's story or would like to find out how to donate to her cause please visit - https://m.facebook.com/Ezmaes-Fundraising