Got somebody in your life that you are struggling to find the perfect gift for?  If so, consider a VP membership of Sheppey Rugby Club.

The VP club was created to enable those of us too old or perhaps too sensible to play any more to be a part of our great club.  The aims of the club are to promote a vibrant and fun social side, the cornerstone of this being the club lunches that are held regularly throughout the year.  These are great events that allow members to have fun, relax and enjoy watching a game of rugby while enjpying a great meal.

The more serious side of the VP club is the fund raising.  Sixty six percent of the membership fee goes to the VP club fund.  This fund is governed separately to the main club and is used as a fund to develop the club for the future.  Recent examples of the type of spend include contributing to the Scrum Training Machine and also the recently purchased Marquee.

If you are intereted in joining, you would be most welcome.  Please email or visit for more details.